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Wildlife exclusion services in the Greater St Louis Area

All creatures on Earth serve a purpose, but make no mistake: those purposes are best served anywhere else but your property. When critters like squirrels, raccoons, moles, bats  or ants set their sights on your living or working space, that's where Pro Mole & Wildlife Control comes in. We proudly serve all communities within the Greater St. Louis area. 
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Animal control and removal

Unwelcome animals and wildlife invading your property poses a threat to your health and safety. Some animals harbor diseases, while others could attack you. At Pro Mole & Wildlife Control, we have the tools and the animal-specific trapping methods to effectively and safely remove animals and wildlife in the most humane way possible. Where possible, we release wildlife in a protected location. 

Mole control

If you have a mole problem, it will wreak havoc on your lawn, gardens, retaining walls and foundation walls. Leaving behind a maze of tunnels, moles leave your lawn's structure weak and also welcomes other animal nuisances such as mice, voles, snakes and insects. Let us bring your lawn back to good order with a quick and affordable removal of your mole problem. Call today for your free estimate!
Wild Rabbit

Don't take chances

If your property is host to some unwanted guests don't risk taking measures into your own hands. Let the experienced professionals at Pro Mole & Wildlife Control handle their removal. 

We'll identify the source of the problem, trap the animals that have invaded your property or remove the unwanted wildlife, and also seal up entry points to prevent future invasions.  We'll make sure to solve your problem and keep it from returning!

 Animal, Wildlife, and Pest Control Services

In real life, getting rid of these problem animals isn't as easy as clicking your heels together. Pro Mole & Wildlife Control is a family-owned company headed up by a trained biologist. Not only do we know what makes animals tick, we have the tools to stop the clock on their plans to invade. Learn more about our wildlife removal success from our satisfied customers.

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