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We're dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to both our residential and commercial clients. We're fully insured for your protection and offer free initial consultations and estimates. With same day service, competitive prices and a 3 year warranty on all animal exclusion work, we're confident we can solve your wildlife invasion problem. 

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“I hired Pro Mole to remove moles from my yard. John called me back the day that I requested a bid and came out the next day to look at my yard and set traps. He spent a considerable amount of time answering questions and was very knowledgeable. Within a couple of weeks, he had trapped 3 moles and we haven't had a problem since. He always came out when he said he would and was very professional. The cost was about half of what another company charged us that never did fix the problem. I couldn't have been happier with the service from Pro Mole. “
“Immediately contacted me back, planted several traps for moles and removed them later after trap had killed one mole. Service fee is good for one year so if i have any other moles in 2013 that charge is waived. Everything went smoothly. John called me back right away and set up a time to meet me at the house. After that the traps were planted, and removed after the mole had been killed. If i have any further problems my service fee covers me through the end of 2013.”
"John was so informative and helpful. He always responded at length to every email or phone call. He spent a great amount of time inspecting the property before he gave us his opinion on what needed to be done. He trapped 6 squirrels and 4 possums and was well worth the cost. Would use him again if we ever have another problem." 
“Eliminated moles from my yard. He was a referral and have used his services for 2 seasons. If you want this completed quick and easy...his is by far your best option. He has saved my yard twice from pesky moles.”
“They came out to remove some moles from my property. It was a great job. He was in and out on the property. The moles were taken care of within 2 months and I would consider using their services in the future, if necessary.”
“Mr. John has done an excellent job of combating the mole that come into our yard. He comes as soon as we call.”
“Pro Mole Control set up mole traps and was able to trap the mole in our yard that was causing a lot of damage. Mr. John Stringer (owner) was very professional and thorough in the services he performed. He was very honest and provided a great customer service."
“Set mole traps & moles caught disposed of. Traps were set periodically checked of moles caught were disposed of. He responds promptly when use call to report mole activity”
“John came out and stated that he could get rid of the moles on our property. He did exactly what he said he would do. Very professional and trustworthy.”
"Excellent service and trustworthy company."
“He has worked for us for years, nice! Professional! Thorough!”
“He is a great communicator and very responsive”
“I had moles in the yard, after coming out and setting 4 traps, he caught one mole. No mole activity since. I also had birds building nests under the soffit and trim of the house. John eliminated the birds nest and secured the trim and soffit so no more nests could be built. Also had trouble with birds falling down the chimney of my fireplace,. He was unable to purchase a hood or cap to go over the chimney, so he painted some screen and screws to match the chimney and secured it very nicely. You don't notice it unless someone tells you it is there. Great job on all 3 counts. I am very pleased and will call John again should a problem arise.”
"John and his team did a great job removing our squirrel problem. They assessed the issue and determined how the squirrels were getting into my attic. A trap was set at the expected entry location and the squirrel was caught within a day or two. They also went above and beyond the call of duty because while they were on my roof they took photographs of some potential problems areas I had up there (missing shingle, cracked roof vent, etc.). This was definitely not expected but I'm so glad they did that since I had no idea since I'm never up on the roof. I highly recommend Pro Mole's services and I'll definitely be using them again in the future."
"John was great, when I called him to say that I thought a raccoon was in my attic he came out the same day to set up a couple live traps. Once the raccoon was trapped I called John and he came out to the house right away to get it and relocate the raccoon to a large open area. John also inspected the insides of both attics and cleaned up all raccoon waste. John put a new screen covering to the attic where the raccoon had gotten in and also installed grates over the roof vents. John is very knowledgeable about wildlife and has years of experience in his line of work. His prices are very reasonable and I would highly recommend him to anyone with any type of wildlife problems." 
“After contacting John at Pro Mole Control he came out quickly and assessed our backyard. He thought there were 2 or 3 moles that were digging up our newly landscaped backyard. He did a great job of explaining the process of setting traps and about the different types of traps he uses. He also explained that he charges $20 on the first visit and then $45 for every mole that he catches. He immediately setup 7 or 8 traps. In the first week he caught one mole. In the second week he caught two more. Since then he continues to come back once a week and checks for any new mole activity. Since we didn't think we had many moles we felt more comfortable with his pricing model rather than signing a maintenance contract with one of the larger pest companies. We have already recommended John to several of our neighbors."
"We contacted John several months ago, he came out quickly and only charged a small fee to set traps and then only charged per mole caught. He's caught 7 moles so far and showed them to me. We thought he caught them all, but live next to a creek and noticed new mole trails in the back yard and some vole holes. John came out and set new traps and baited the vole holes. As it happened the night before John was to come out, we noticed a very bad odor coming from our dryer. After setting the traps outside, John removed two dead mice who had come in the dryer vent and died in the dryer. John is very friendly and very knowledgeable. His prices were better than others who gave us quotes. We will continue to call John for all our critter control."
"I called on a Monday at 3:00, and he was out by 9:30 am on Tuesday. We had around 60 holes in our yard caused by voles, and the problem was getting worse. John came out and spent a lot of time inspecting the entire yard, and explaining vole behavior. He was very knowledgeable, and was confident that he could eradicate the voles from my yard. He quoted me a price of $200 for the job, I gave the ok, and he proceeded to do the job right then. I am so relieved to have this problem taken care of so quickly. We have already referred Pro Mole Control to 2 of my husband's fellow workers who are having the same problem. Pro Mole Control is quick to respond, very affordable, professional and friendly, and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future." 
You deal with the owner, he provides the services professionally, punctual, reasonable priced and with quality.  
We had moles called Pro Mole ... the owner came out provide an estimate, demonstrated that he knew his business well, provide a quotation, and immediately we put him to work.
He knows what he is doing, he placed traps and we immediately had success.
In a matter of days of the moles were gone, he returned as necessary remove the moles, and continued to monitor the traps. So impressed we put him to work on the voles and wild minks. Its been 2 weeks and we NO longer have them either. Deal with the owner, someone who knows his business, gets results, stays with the job until its done, reasonable, always available, will discuss findings, and preventative measures. 
We recommend Pro Mole and give the more star than angies list provide.”
"We noticed scratching coming from the ceiling in the middle of the night and called John to come out the next day. He did a full inspection of the roof from the outside and the attic from the inside. He was able to determine the squirrels were able to get in through some of the vents on the roof. We were a bit unlucky since we were only weeks away from getting a new roof which would have prevented the whole issue. He talked us through our different options and we decided to place live traps on the roof. We were able to catch the squirrels over the next couple days and then he sealed the roof to stop them from getting in. Working with John was great. He was able to explain everything really well, came to collect the trapped squirrels promptly, and he also went out of his way to give us a better price on the components since it was only temporary until we got the new roof. We are very happy with his service!"
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